Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dail Grill in DTLA

I think this is a chain but I decided to check it out anyway, having passed by it for years. It's in DTLA near the Standard Hotel. Daily Grill is located at 612 S Flower St LA CA 90017. I wanted fish so i ordered the Fish and Chips. I had a discussion with the server about by need for less salt and they tried their best to not add salt to the batter but the fish was fried in a fryer that had already fried many salty foods. It turned out tasting less salty than normal and I ended up using a lot of vinegar. i have to say I really appreciated the cook willing to accommodate my new dietary needs. The F&C was delicious!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mannu Korean BBQ in Korea town

LAst night was the end of our exhibition at Document Coffee Bar, L.A. Pix; Still. They had taken the artwork down and neatly packeaged it for pick up. The good folk of Document took me out for dinner after they closed shop. We ended up walking down to Manna Korean BBQ 3986 Wilshire Blvd LA CA 90010. Now, in the back of my mind, I had never been there because years and years ago, a friend of mine told me it was very bad quality meat but I was up for it. The place was packed. Oh,on the way there in one of the other restaurants was wall to wall young boys in baseball uniforms. It was the Little league Korean Team, so cute. Anyway, we sat down at Manna and the service was good and food look good, we started cooking and the condiments were fresh. i ahd to avoid much of the Bancha due to salt. There was plenty to eat and i only used the sesame oil for dip. We ate so much. I was ready to float away afterwards or sink to the bottom, one or the other. Yes, there was salt but I felt I managed fairly well, considering. It was so delicious and the company was awesome. it had been five months since they opened. The learning curve is curving but I am so proud of them. They are doing so well for a brand spanking new coffee place in a fairly saturated market.

Dr. Robbin on 6th Street (Koreatown)

I'm in a new phase of my culinary adventure. I must manage my salt and sugar intake. Not easy. I cheat periodically but for the most part, I am up to the challenge but at some point, it's gonna go into 4th gear. It's been three weeks since Dr.'s orders and I am actually having fun with it. Case in point, Dr. Robbins, 3000 W 6th St LA CA 90020. Chicken Tofu Salad and a Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. Of course it was delicious and healthy. They don't use salt to my benefit.

Angelo Burger in Lynwood

On my way from a meeting in Lakewood, I had to stop for a quick lunch. I found Angelo Burger, 10990 Atlantic Ave Lynwood CA 90262. They had a really huge menu which could be good or could be bad. It was lunch time and I was the only one in the driveway, not sure how that made me feel? uneasy? Well, the moment the drive through windowed opened, it was nothing but coolness, they were great. Very nice folk. I ordered a club sandwich and a drink. I drove off and then realized i wouldn't be able to eat it while driving so I pulled off near the on ramp. It was a very old school hearty and savory club sandwich.

Arch Rock in Santa Barbara

It was the home stretch of my four night trip up PCH to and from to the Bay Area to see the Ai Wei Wei installations at Alcatraz. Familiar teritory = Santa Barbara. I walked around the State Street area and came across Arch Rock or Archrock. At first, it seemed a little too proper and corporate but they had a counter which i gravitated towards. I sat down, feeling a little under dressed. The place was packed and buzzing. I decided to try their fish dinner and asked the bartender what red he would recommend, which i took him up on his suggestion. The man was spot on, an absolutely delicious and not fussy at all red. Soon, two women came up and sat next to me. They were having a fun conversation and seemed to be business friends. Once my dinner came they woman sitting next to me striked up a conversation and made the rest of the evening quite pleasant. Her friend was on a business call throughout my dinner. Within an hour I was back on the road heading home.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wool Um Ma in Koreatown

HK Market, a main stay in K Town. There's a place to eat there I had never tried so I set out to have a quick meal on my way to the opening of our exhibition at Document Coffee Bar. Wool U Ma, is in the market. The feel of it reminds me of the dorm kitchens on the first floor of our dormitory back in Japan. Older women make the food for the masses. The food has a home cooked veneer and reminds you why they call it comfort food. There's that silent communication, they want you to stay healthy, study hard and go make a difference.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ledlow in DTLA

Pete's is gone, how about that? It's now Ledlow, 400 S Main St LA CA 90013. The interior is different. it feels less cluttered, open, airy and preppy. I ordered the Grilled Seafood Cocktail, amazing and fresh and the Chopped (fresh beans, olives, pepitas, ricotta salata, walnuts and roasted pine nuts. Nice place. A little pricey for lunch but I recommend it.