Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vicuna Chocolate in Petersborough, New Hampshire

Boston artist Allison Cekala brought me to what she said was the best chocolate place in Peterborough. On our want list was a tea she had enjoyed just days before, Cocoa Tea with a shot of chocolate. I had hot and she had cold. The freshly baked super chocolate chip cookie was my beverages companion and i consumed them as slow as I could possibly eat chocolate while having a colorful and charming conversation with Ms. Cekala. It happens that her work which is primarily video based, is partially inspired and follows in the tradition of the Center for Land Use Interpretation. Now isn't that a small world? Matt and Sara, were your ears burning?

MacDowell Arts Colony in Petersborough, New Hampshire

Deepest apologies for being absent from this blog. As some of you know, my art projects have been in unusual abundance this year including a group exhibit at Document Coffee Bar, new work premiering at the Granary Art Center in Utah, participation in the Little Tokyo Utility Box Project (my piece is an homage to Misora Hibari), a new work for the COLA exhibit at the LA Municipal Art Gallery, an artist residency at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, the completion of Season Six of Ear Meal Webcast and currently a six week artist residency at the MacDowell Art Colony in New Hampshire. Accordingly, I give you the lunch at the MacDowell. Every day, three solid meals prepared by New Hampshire's finest. I am in the Heinz Studio, a lush studio where I am working on my new sound installation, Conical Sound: Antoni Gaudi and Simon Rodia. The Heinz is awesome and my fellow residents are a cavalcade of amazing creative individuals who I have the pleasure of conversing with daily. The images are of the lunch baskets, delivered to us each day. We are spoiled but inspired to work even that much harder on our individual objectives!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hoy Ka Noodles in Hollywood

Always a very enjoyable time with Jennifer Moon and Mr. Snuggles. This time we tried a Vietnamese Noodle place in Hollywood. I don't remember who suggested it. I don't think it was me. I guess that leaves Jennifer or Mr. Snuggles. Hoy Ka Noodles, 5401 Hollywood Blvd LA CA 90027

Ebaes on Union Avenue

A pleasant surpris, Ebaes at 2314 S Union Ave LA CA 90007. We arrived very early to an event at the Veraslavasay Panoramic and walked across the street to sample this restaurant we'd never been to. It was an Asian fushion place, hip and decorative in a sort of old school rustic Asian way. We wanted something not too filling so we shared ramens. They were excellent. We also shared a beer with a funny name.

Hammer Cafe at the Hammer Museum

After seeing the various awesome exhibitions at the Hammer, we decided to grab a snack before we got back on our bikes. French fries, salad and salmon. Very delicious and nourishing. The best part was sitting across the way was Weird Al Yankovich. Another Hollywood moment.

Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City

Jennifer Moon told me about this place but it took almost two years for me to finally partake. The pastries were fluffy, buttery and sweet. The place is well designed and clean, refreshing with a bit of attitude. It's oddly European in a non-European environment. Delicious treats with an old world heart. 11113 Washington Blvd Culver City CA

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daily Grill in DTLA

I think this is a chain but I decided to check it out anyway, having passed by it for years. It's in DTLA near the Standard Hotel. Daily Grill is located at 612 S Flower St LA CA 90017. I wanted fish so i ordered the Fish and Chips. I had a discussion with the server about by need for less salt and they tried their best to not add salt to the batter but the fish was fried in a fryer that had already fried many salty foods. It turned out tasting less salty than normal and I ended up using a lot of vinegar. i have to say I really appreciated the cook willing to accommodate my new dietary needs. The F&C was delicious!(NOTE: Looks like they closed 060815)